Max Value Technology Co. Ltd.


MAX VALUE TECHNOLOGY (MVT) was established in 1996 as trading company for measuring equipment, material testing and inspection machines. From the beginning, MVT has come close to three leading Swiss companies manufacturing such kind of products, SYLVAC SA (digital measuring instruments), TRIMOS SA (height gauges and ULM) and WYLER AG (inclination measuring systems). These three brands are still today exclusively distributed in Thailand by MAX VALUE TECHNOLOGY.

Over the years, the SYLVAC digital instruments have emerged as the flagship products distributed by MVT. They are used in many industrial sectors, such as automotive, aerospace, medical, packaging, machines, watch industry, etc. Since SYLVAC ventured into the digital business in 1983, they have remained at the cutting edge of innovation, rolling out the first dimensional measuring instrument with Bluetooth technology some 30 years later.

MAX VALUE TECHNOLOGY shares many values common to the Swiss brands represented. Nothing great can be achieved without passion, precision, quality and responsiveness. Thanks to this Swiss mindset, MVT has become a key partner of the manufacturing industry in Thailand, providing solutions and support to hundreds of Thai and international companies. As new concepts like Industry 4.0 and Smart Factory emerge, we are getting ready for a future in which all objects will be connected and communicate with each other. As experts in connected metrology, MAX VALUE TECHNOLOGY is the ideal partner for the companies looking to move into this new world.

MVT and SYLVAC also support many technical schools, universities and education institutes in Thailand by donate measuring equipment and by helping them to acquire these new technologies.