20th Anniversary STCC Donation to Moo Baan Dek.


Within the STCC 20 year anniversary celebration framework we have selected 4 projects where we contribute to a good case. The funds have been provided at 50% from the STCC and 50% from our Anniversary sponsors.

On Friday 21st December 2018 Khun Napaporn Pinkaew (GM of Gold Sponsor SWISS) and Thomas Gerber (Board Member) have happily handed over the Donation of 40’000 Baht to Khun Rajani Dhongchai in behalf of the Foundation for Children.

We were welcomed very warmly and shown the facilities, then we were “serving” lunch to the small kids first and later to the older ones, and we experienced smiling faces of happy and wellcared-for kids.

I believe that this children home is a very worthy case, and they will put this donation into a very good use for them. The FFC takes care of over 100 children , 24h a day, 7 days a week all year long, with approx. 25 full time staff. The kids are aged 2 weeks up to 10 years at the location in Puttamonton Sai 4, then they can continue their education in the Village for Children in Kanchanaburi until college or university.

The Fund for children takes care of orphans, abandoned kids as well as kids from difficult family situations, independent from nationality. They also try to re-socialize parents in troubles in order to establish a healthy environment for taking back their kids.

The history and background can be read from their brochures: “Founded in 1978, on the belief that many children have been deprived of their right to basic needs. Along with the modernization of the country, exploitative structures have been expanded, both economically and socially.

The poor have become poorer while the rich continue to fill their pockets. Due to this unjust social structure in which a handful have the power to exploit the majority, children’s wellbeing cannot be achieved without protection from concerned parties, as children are the most vulnerable members of society.”

The foundation also serves since over 50 years as a breeding center (start-up facilitator) for many worthy projects such as the children’s village fund, Laya Garden home project, Food development project for Children and communities, daycare centers for child development , to mention just a few of over 20 projects. More information and further sponsoring opportunities please see their Thai website at www.ffc.or.th / their English website at www.childrensvillagethailand.org or contact secretary@swissthai.com.

PS: to teach the older kids English Language, the FFC is able to organize visa/workpermits for 3- 6 month volunteer students. If you know someone – please contact the chamber office.

Report by Thomas Gerber