STCC Luncheon on 5th June at Arnoma Hotel

Mrs. Raphaela Nicolet, currently a lawyer at Lawfirm Trocaldyo Co. Ltd. in Bangkok (STCC corporate Member) , was part of the ground crew of the Solar Impulse project some years ago, and she shared her experience during the flight around the world without fossil energy very enthusiastically with the members of the STCC and SSB, Beluthai Chamber and Sponsor Solvay, as well as guests.

The very lively presentation covered the start of the flight from Abu Dhabi with 30 crew members going ahead to prepare and then onwards around the globe. The plane was only 2300 kg travelling with a cruising speed between 50 to 100 km/h and had 17’248 solar cells distributed over wings, tail and body.

Commercialization of electric flying will probably take some generations, but the project shall make the people reflect on their energy consumption and the recently started Solar Impulse Foundation has the target to bring together all environment protecting technology and knowledge to support sustainable projects of renewable energy. Over 50 participants enjoyed this enriching presentation as well as the excellent Lunch prepared by Arnoma Hotel.