STCC Annual General Meeting 2019

On 28th March the Swiss Thai Chamber of Commerce invited its members to the Annual General Meeting at Arnoma hotel. Many members took time out of their busy schedules to attend the AGM and all items on the agenda were approved by the assembly. Since the new Board of Directors was elected in 2018 and its two year term ends in 2020, there were no elections. In 2018 the STCC was celebrating its 20th anniversary and it was one of the most active and successful year in the history of the Chamber. The President Bruno Odermatt paid a special tribute to the Gold, Silver and Support sponsors who contributed with their generous sponsorships to the remarkable success in 2018. Many activities and special events were held throughout in 2018 and this stellar performance was also made possible by the great support of Swiss Ambassador H.E. Evo Sieber and his entire team at the Embassy. Another part of the success was the diligent work of the leadership team of the STCC, and all Board Members were truly committed to make 2018 a special anniversary year. The General Assembly discharged the Board of Directors for 2018 with the maximum number of votes. General Manager of Arnoma Hotel and Board Member Eric Brand and his team provided a wonderful setting for the AGM and they displayed a true showcase of excellent Swiss food and great Thai Hospitality. Henning Glaser, the guest speaker, provided the members with a brilliant assessment of prevailing geo-political tension amongst the United States, China and other emerging powers. The theme of his speech “China’s rise to power and its consequences for Asia” was mind provoking and brilliant, and many of the members in attendance posed very interesting questions at the Question and Answer session. We extend our gratitude to Henning Glaser for spending the AGM with us and hope to see him again at one of our future events.