STCC 25th Anniversary


The Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce (STCC) was founded on October 13, 1998 by a group of visionary Swiss-Thai businessmen and entrepreneurs. In 2023, the STCC will therefore celebrate its 25th anniversary. As is customary for such an anniversary, a series of events, special activities, and commemorative initiatives will take place during the 25th anniversary year in preparation for the key date on Friday, October 13, 2023.

To support the STCC office in planning and executing a working group was established by the Board to assist in brainstorming, planning, and funding these activities surrounding the 25th anniversary.


Vision & Values of the Working Group:

The working group will ensure that the activities around the anniversary have a lasting impact on the Swiss-Thai business community and increase the visibility and branding of the Chamber. Of course, this will not neglect the aspect that the activities should also benefit and be fun for the members and the Thai community.

The activities should be sustainable, meaningful, creative, and aimed at collaboration between members and the broader community. The anniversary is supported by the Embassy, members, the Swiss community, alumni organizations, and others. The working group is open to all members to actively participate in and support the activities. We count on their active participation to make this special occasion a joint effort and to publicize the Chamber.

Upcoming Actions:

  1. we call on interested members to join this working group
  2. a Roadmap for all activities and initiatives for 2023 will be developed
  3. a broad Sponsorship Opportunity will be developed and offered to the members

All interested members who wish to be involved in the working group can contact


Mr. Robert Woodrich

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Robert Woodrich, Founder & CEO of PAPER & PAGE as the Chairman of this working group.


Marc Deschamps
Hansen & Beck
Anh-Thu (Anlee) Do
Lufthansa Group
Bruno Odermatt
Boondarik Jampathai
ICRC and Jan & Oscar Foundation