Objectives & Services


  • To promote business and investments between Thailand and Switzerland

  • To be engaged in advocacy work on behalf of our members

  • To organize platforms to share knowledge and exchange of business, social and cultural aspects

  • To be engaged in social responsibility and community support

  • To build goodwill and friendship amongst our members 

  • To co-operate and build goodwill with Governments, Authorities and Trade Organizations of both Thailand and Switzerland.

  • To strengthen the recognition of Swiss-Thai enterprises

  • To establish and maintain good contacts with Government agencies upon which services foreign investors depend upon

  • To be in compliance with Thai regulations and Thai laws


  • We regularly disseminate relevant information regarding business in Thailand to our members

  • We organize a variety of networking events and several functions with guest speakers of interest to our Members

  • We support or take part in trade promotions involving Swiss-Thai businesses

  • We play host to important visitors from Switzerland

  • We offer a Member 4 Member benefit program, through which your company can offer its services to the other members at no additional costs

  • We disseminate your company news through our various channels (Newsletter, LinkedIn, Facebook) at no additional costs 

  • We represent the interests of our Members through participation in the Board of Trade, the Joint Foreign Chambers of Commerce, EABC and various Trade Organizations and Committees

  • We provide assistance to our Members within our means and capacity concerning all Thailand related matters

  • We act as match makers for members looking for goods and services from other members

  • We guide Non-Members in their quest for information and recommend professionals from among our Members

  • We closely cooperate with the Embassy of Switzerland in Thailand

  • We coordinate and communicate with other Swiss Organizations in Thailand, such as the Swiss Society Bangkok, RIS Swiss Section (Swiss School), Swiss Students Alumni Association

  • All Members of the Board work on a voluntary basis as a service to the Swiss-Thai Business Community