Numerous company members of the Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce are at the forefront of innovation and developing solutions to address the world's current problems, including technologies helping to build a more sustainable world and address climate change issues. The STCC has decided to establish a working group to enhance collaboration, build a knowledge platform, showcase our members' capabilities in this area and organize activities related to the topic.

Vision & Values of the Working Group:

We aim at creating a platform and a group convening Thai, Swiss and international companies to enhance the dialogue, collective action and business opportunities around sustainability and climate change issues. The general objectives of this working group are:

  • Support STCC members, raise awareness, act as facilitator
  • Create an exchange and knowledge platform: source of ideas for sustainable business, best practices & challenges, climate change policies in Thailand, connection with green ecosystem in Thailand.
  • Collaborate with STCC’s executive management team: support for matchmaking between interested companies, incl. Swiss companies interested in entering Thai market, support to relevant STCC events on the topic
  • Engage with the Swiss Embassy: collaborate and support sustainability activities initiated by the Embassy
  • Coordinate with other similar working groups from foreign chambers
  • Your ideas and needs!

In addition, this working group aims to bridge the gap between the government and the private sector when it comes to policy on sustainability issues and provide clarity to members in this regard.

While understanding, that one alone cannot achieve the goals we will place particular emphasis on collaborative and community-building policies and practices that benefit both business and the community. The activities of the working group will be guided by the attitude of "walk the talk!"


The Board of Directors has appointed Ms Vicky Janssens, General Manager of KliK Foundation, as Chair of this working group.

Upcoming Actions:

  1. we call on interested members to join this working group. Please join if you are:
    • a business with innovative & sustainable solutions
    • looking to reduce the company’s own ecological footprint
    • interested in learning more about climate policy/regulations for business
    • interested in knowledge sharing
    • curious in the topic and want to learn more
  2. the working group will define the scope, objectives, KPIs and theme for the working group during a first online meeting on 5th of June 2024
  3. set-up of a data base with expertise from STCC members engaged in sustainability

All interested members who wish to be involved in the working group can contact


Vicky Janssens

The Board of Directors has appointed Ms Vicky Janssens, General Manager of KliK Foundation, as Chair of this working group.