Understanding the important role that Small and Medium Enterprises (SMEs) play in the economic fabric, the STCC continues with its SME Working Group. The working group is partner in listening and addressing the needs and challenges faced by SMEs in Thailand while creating networking opportunities through experience and knowledge sharing among its members. Additionally, the group aims to effectively represent SME interests within various JFCCT working groups.


Vision & Values of the Working Group:

The SME Working Group envisions a supportive environment that empowers SMEs, facilitates collaboration, and promotes their sustainable growth.
Key values of the group include:


  • To gain insights into the diverse needs and challenges encountered by SMEs in Thailand.
  • Facilitating networking opportunities among SMEs members to enable exchange of experiences, best practices, and building wider connections.
  • Actively advocating for SME interests within various JFCCT working groups, ensuring their perspectives are considered in policy discussions and initiatives.


Chair:The Board of Directors has appointed Mr Thomas Luescher, CEO of the Cutting Edge Group, as the Chair of the working group and assisted by Managing Director, Head of Wealth Management at SCB Julius Baer


Upcoming Actions:

  1. Call for Participation: interested SMEs operating in Thailand are invited to join the SME Working Group. Whether facing specific challenges, seeking networking opportunities, or interested in representing SME interests within JFCCT.
  2. Representation within JFCCT: engaging with various working groups to ensure adequate representation of SME interests, including subsequent reporting back to SME members.
  3. Planning for networking and knowledge sharing opportunities e.g. organizing events where SME members can connect, exchange experiences, and learn from each other.


For inquiries and expressions of interest in joining the SME Working Group, please contact



Mr. Thomas Luescher

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Thomas Luescher, CEO of the Cutting Edge Group, as the Chair of the working group