Young Professionals


Investing in the development of Young Professionals enhances employee’s know-how, productivity, engagement and retention, contributing to the overall company success. The Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce's Young Professional working group nurtures future workforce and leadership while providing an engaging platform for talents and Young Professionals to connect with the Swiss-Thai Chamber of Commerce’s activities, ensuring continued relevance and attractiveness.

Vision & Values of the Working Group:

  • Cultivate a vibrant community and provide a platform for Young Professionals fostering networking, know-how exchange, and updates on industry trends.
  • We embrace diversity and target to capture Young Professionals from a diverse array of nationalities, company types & sizes (i.e., SMEs, large MNCs, and Start-Up companies), and personal backgrounds.
  • Encourage collaboration and support among participants to achieve mutual learning, growth, and professional success.
  • Engage in handpicked activities to make a positive impact beyond the business realm.


The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Andreas Wanner, Founder and Co-CEO of Mister Loo, as Chair of this working group

Events & Actions:

  • Events and networking sessions are scheduled from time to time to facilitate connections and foster a vibrant professional network.
  • Co-organise events and activities with other chambers to unite forces and leverage full potential of Young Professionals across respective chambers.
  • Consider setting up hand-picked workshops, seminars, and/or panel discussions led by industry experts to share insights and best practices.

Join us in shaping the future of business and leadership in Thailand! Together, let's build a thriving community where young professionals can grow, connect, and make a difference. Any interested members who wish to be involved in the working group can contact


Mr. Andreas Wanner

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Andreas Wanner, Co-Founder of Mister Loo as Co-Chairs of this working group