Banpu Next

Banpu Next

Tel: +66 20956513


Representatives: Mr. Andrew Jones, Senior Vice President - E-Mobility and Ms. Kannika Moonchan, Section Manager-E-Mobility


Company Profile:

Banpu Next Company Limited (Banpu Next) was established on February 27, 2020, is a subsidiary of Banpu Public Company Limited, a leading international diversified energy provider.

Banpu NEXT provides the leading “Smart Energy Solution TM” in the Asia-Pacific region. Conduct business under the vision 'To give everyone access to limitless energy solutions' aims to create business growth in line with future energy trends. The concept of smart city development (Smart City) and meet the lifestyle of modern consumers. by adhering to the needs of customers as important Bring data to analyze and drive (Human Centric & Data Driven) as well as bring knowledge and expertise. and energy technology that meets international standards to develop into ' Smart Energy Solutions TM ' (Smart Energy Solutions) to present a smart energy solution. optimize Reduce the burden on the customer's business environmentally friendly and help improve people's quality of life sustainably

Business Partner

Banpu NEXT seeks technology partners and to support startups continuously to increase the potential in business and create a stronger business ecosystem In the past, the company It has invested in leading companies in a variety of industries, including Sunseap Group Pte Ltd., Singapore's major solar power services company, Durapower Holdings Pte Ltd. Specializing in the design, manufacture and installation of lithium-ion (LiB) energy storage batteries for automobiles and backup power systems, Urban Mobility Tech Co., Ltd. ) Thai start-up, electric tuk-tuk service provider MovMi (MuvMi), Haupcar Co., Ltd., a car rental service provider through an application, and GEPP Saad Co., Ltd. (GEPP SA-ARD Co.,Ltd. ) A Thai company that provides waste management services. to jointly deliver the best solution and meet the needs of each customer including working with government agencies and other private Bringing smart energy solutions to drive Thailand into a smart city