Digital Economy / ICT Committee


Digital Economy shows dependencies in the digital economy eco-system. This covers a wide variety of interests, including telecommunications services equipment, technology and equipment, IT services, software and software development, eCommerce, governance of the on-line world (data privacy, cybersecurity, electronic transactions), copyright, digital literacy, digital assets and digital broadcasting.


Vision & Values of the Working Group:

The Digital Economy / ICT group aims to contribute to the economic growth of Thailand in and through development of the Digital Economy including in ICT, building consensus amongst its constituent members in the ICT and other digital arenas and facilitate business collaboration and the transfer of skills. The industry tends to be by its nature global – the services it provides, the resources it uses, do not on their own recognize the physical and political boundaries of nation states. Jurisdictional issues are common. Technology transfer, skills development and the transfer of know-how and the various policies and regulations which impact such activity are all part of the purview of the Digital Economy / ICT Committee.

Upcoming Actions:

Aim to align with JFCCT working Group

All interested members who wish to be involved in the working group can contact


Mr. Robert Woodrich

The Board of Directors has appointed Mr. Robert Woodrich, Founder & CEO of PAPER & PAGE as the Chairman of this working group.